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Collectively  Building

The Back Story

I will give my Uncle Bob credit for getting me into model making way back in the late 70s. He was then a sales representative for Parker Brothers and suggested to my parents that they get an airplane model for me as a Christmas gift.  A Hurricane, a Bf109 and a B-17G were my first kits. Others followed through the 1980s and I started developing a "Stash" when a local model shop opened up within a 10-minute walk from where I had a part-time job. Needless to say a portion of my pay ended up getting spent in that shop and others as I ranged out looking for subject (this was before on-line shopping) and I still prefer a local store visit to provide  inspiration and supplies.
I kept up constructing aircraft throughout the years. Having kids stalled the build process for a good part of the 1990s (as my focus shifted to them for a time) however as they got older and I got some spare time again, I returned to building and collecting 1/48th scale aircraft and now have over 250 built and on display.

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