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Phabulous Weasel Phantoms: 1/48th Hasegawa F-4G Phantom II

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The Hasegawa F-4G is arguably the best offer of this 1/48th model kit, at this time. It is nicely detailed and a decent build. Probably not for the beginner due to some of the complexities and it could definitely be improved in some areas, but it will get you a good looking kit without a lot of trouble.

Notable Kit Features:

  • Accurate outline

  • Nicely detailed cockpit and ejection seats (Although often replaced by Phantom Phanatics) - Admittedly the pit could use a bit of work as the seats do look a bit off, but it is a very nice start

  • Decent raised detail and engraved panel lines

Build Inspiration:

I built this Phantom as my 100th kit build as the F-4 is certainly is an iconic aircraft for build number 100. Inspiring the build was the purchase of AirDOC 48006 "Gulf War Warriors" which included the "YGBSM" Weasel aircraft. Apparently no one quite got the weasel colours correct, although Eagle Strike 48-044 came the closest...oddly another issue of Eagle Strike (48-149) got it wrong (The AirDOC ones are incorrect from what I can see, as the YGBSM lettering should be white and the weasel colours are off... which I found out post-build)

Heads-Up Report:

  • The intakes are not great (still better than most) and have odd gaps in the interior with no engine face. Filling the gaps and smoothing things over will improve things or you could go full out with seamless intakes. (For me it was fine to fill-in a bit and just darken the rear of the intakes as typically you can't see the engine on the real thing - but build what you like)

  • The multipiece canopy is complex (by F-4 design) and the fit is only OK (and fiddly if open - not well fitting if closed)

  • Rear stabilizers pin fitting is woefully inadequate (I fit a pin that runs between the two stabilizers to hold them)

  • Older weaponry (Shrikes and Standard Arm) on my boxed version anyway

  • Spine of aircraft is a challenge to get a great fit without filler and sanding (which results in challenging re-scribing)

  • Use references for the spine antenna locations (and the antennas should be vertical on the aircraft)

Kit Additions / Modifications:

This kit was pretty much built out of the box as the cockpit is pretty good and the seats are decent. Same with the engines. I added third-party decals and ARM-88s.

End Result:

The After-Build Report on this Phantom is I would build another so definitely still recommended for an F-4G build. My example tuned out alright, although could have been better with some added time spent on the details and a better panel wash job, flatter finish... (There is always room for improvement... I'll get it correct next round.)

Completed build #100 - December 2008 using the 1/48th scale Hasegawa #9538:2800 kit.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - Keep on building what you want, how you want - Cheers

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