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Phabulous Phantoms SitRep - 1/48th Monogram F-4C/D Phantom II

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

This Phantom kit is typical of Monogram products back in the 1970s and 80s, defined by impressive detail (especially in the cockpit and wheel wells) and finely raised panel lines, all produced at consistently affordable prices. The fit was sometimes less than stellar, however many of us in North America "cut our teeth" on these kits and continue to build them today, despite their age.

More recently, better F-4 kits are available on the 1/48th scale market, however the Monogram Phantom II kits still produce a good result, that definitely looks the part, at a very reasonable cost.

Quick Notes:

  • Can be built as a C or D model

  • Front instrument panel is a bit short

  • Nicely detailed ejection seats (partly molded into the pit)

  • Fit of the engine intakes is a problem (across the F-4 series)

  • Underside wing fit with aircraft nose requires careful fitting and possibly some filler work to join smoothly

  • Raised panel lines and detail make sanding seams problematic as detail is removed in the process (or you could sand off the panel lines as I did on this one)

  • Separate speed brakes can be positioned open (although the actuator is molded into the well, so you will have to deal with that)

  • Horizontal stabilizer fit will require trimming as they sit too far off the fuselage

  • Outboard wing tanks are molded onto pylons

  • Glass fit is OK but not great (can be positioned open or closed)

  • ECM pods, "Towel Rack" Loran antenna, camera pod, Vulcan gun-pod plus basic Air-Air armament (sink marks are often present in the Sparrows) come with the kit

My Phantom II was constructed as a "D" version in the markings of the USAFs top scoring airframe. This was mainly due to Lt. Steve Ritchie & Capt. Charles DeBellvue who flew this aircraft on several of their victories. It is shown at the time of its transfer from Ubon to Udorn airbase, hence the lack of squadron codes on the tail and the pristine paint finish.

Completed build #11 - August 1986 using the 1/48th scale Monogram #5800 kit.

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