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SAR Special: 1/48th Academy KV-107 Converted to CH-113 Labrador

Academy's CH-46 series was well received by model makers when it was released around 2005. External details are nicely done with finely-scribed panel lines and the interior is complete with 2 walls, a ceiling and a floor plus optional seating or stretchers.

Notable Kit Features:

  • Large sponsons provided in this boxing

  • Decent cockpit with raised detail plus additional decal for instruments

  • Nice clear glass parts (and nose is all glass, of which some parts will be painted, creating a much better fit of nose-glass parts)

  • Full 4-wall interior with nice detail and options for troop seats, medevac stretchers or cargo space

  • Nicely done scribed panel lines and external details

  • Blown glass as well as flat glass cargo area windows provided

  • Optional Open /Closed rear cargo hatch and side door

  • Guns, rescue winch assembly, searchlight housings and parts from other versions included ...of which the CPI unit was later donated to my CH-124 Sea King

  • Extensive decals for KV-107 type (both interior and exterior)

Build Inspiration: I believe the motto goes something like: "Without Regard For My Personal Comfort or Self Advancement, To The Best Of My Ability And To The Limitations Of My Physical And Psychological Endurance, I Solemnly Pledge To Make Every Effort To Return To Safety, Those Victims Of Disaster Entrusted To My Care By The Assignment Of The Mission To Which I Have Consented. Those Things I Shall Do - "That Others May Live"

Unfortunately on 02 October, 1998 413 Squadron lost this CH-113 on route from CFB Greenwood. The Labrador went down on Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula (near Marsoui) while returning from a SAR mission. The crash resulted in the deaths of all crewmembers on board. Wreckage examination showed a fuel leak in the #2 engine compartment of 11305 resulted in an in-flight fire. In the process of responding to the fire, the crew shut down the engine, activated the fire extinguishing system using the T-handle and commenced fuel dump procedures. The right hand dump tube did not extend during the fuel dump sequence; this increased the possibility of fuel to fuselage contact. The #2 fire T-handle was reset prior to the in-flight break-up; re-introducing fuel and oil into the engine compartment after the fire extinguishing system had been activated, likely re-igniting the fire or causing a small explosion in the # 2 engine compartment. (JP8 fuel was being used due to remote operating location). During these actions the dumped fuel was ignited and this set off a catastrophic series of events causing rear rotor blade to fuselage contact and the break-up of the aircraft.

Dedicated to SAR crews everywhere past, present and future. 14 Wing Greenwood, N.S. lost six good men on the afternoon of October, 2nd 1998 - "That Others May Live"

  • Capt Peter Musselman, 33 years old, native of Edmonton, Alberta, was a pilot with 413 Search and Rescue Squadron. Capt Musselman was married and had 1 child.

  • Capt Darrin Vandenbilche, 33 years old, native of Invermere, British Columbia, was also a pilot with 413 Search and Rescue Squadron. Capt Vandenbilche was engaged to be married.

  • MCpl David Gaetz, 37 years old, native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was a flight engineer with 413 Search and Rescue Squadron. MCpl Gaetz was married and had three children.

  • MCpl Glen Sinclair, 36 years old, native of native of Rastatt, Germany, was training as a flight engineer with 413 Search and Rescue Squadron. MCpl Sinclair was married and had three children.

  • Sgt Jean Roy, 34 years old, native of Montréal, Québec, was a Search and Rescue Technician with 413 Search and Rescue Squadron. Sgt Roy was married and had three children.

  • MCpl Darrell Cronin, 32 years old, native of St-John’s, Newfoundland, was a Search and Rescue Technician with 413 Search and Rescue Squadron. MCpl Cronin was married and had two children.

In memory of the Labrador crew "TUSKER 27"

Heads-Up Report:

  • Interior walls do have some ejector pin marks although most are not visible post build

  • Rear cargo door area at top requires some plastic card to cover seam

  • Rotor blades could use some "droop"

Kit Additions / Modifications:

  • Added seat belts for pilot seats

  • Built up rear cargo area at top with card-stock and spar details to cover seam and blend with interior

  • Scratch-built interior cargo net shelving, storage lockers plus some SAR equipment

  • Substituted flat-bar sponson supports for round kit supplied ones

  • Added scratch-built CH-113 antennas accordingly

  • Used RCAF decals

  • Should have ordered Belcher Bits BB25: APU Tail for CH-113 Labrador 1/48 (my bad.)

  • Crap! I just noticed I forgot to scratch-build & add the rectangle rear view mirrors :o

End Result:

The paint scheme used for this aircraft was the standard RCAF Yellow and Red Rescue scheme. I typically leave a 24 hour period in between any paint colours that require masking to let the paint cure. I also leave at least 24 hours before applying the gloss-coat (Future / Pledge) as well as a similar pause before applying the matt-coat over the decals. Note: the RCAF "zap" decal ran overtop of the sponson supports and the decals had an issue adhering (later repaired and resealed to prevent decals from "decomposing" .)

The After-Build Report:

There are no major challenges presented in the kit build, so I recommend this (CH-46 series) model to builders of intermediate or better skill levels (unless you plan on buttoning up the interior and painting a basic one-colour scheme, in which case a beginner should still be able to tackle it).

Completed build #153 - December 2012 using the 1/48th scale Academy #12205 kit.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - Keep on building, gain experience, challenge yourself if you like, but try not to stress yourself out over the build - it is suppose to be an enjoyable hobby after all - Cheers

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