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BCATP Grad: 1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard

Updated: Feb 16

For a kit first released in the 1970s, this 1/48th Monogram T-6 model is holding up well. This kit has been in and out of production over the years, re-released in several variants. The detail and fit are still pretty good, keeping this old kit a favourite amoung model builders. (The only other option, in 1/48th scale, that I know of, is the Occidental mold - also released by Heller, Modelcraft & Italeri.)

1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard

Notable Kit Features:

  • Nicely detailed cockpit with raised detail

  • Good representation of the interior tubular framework

  • Landing flaps are provided separately

  • Nicely detailed exterior with finely raised panel lines rivets

  • Separate clear parts allow the front and rear cockpits being open or closed

  • Two cowlings provided (with and without gun blister)

  • Machine gun weapons provided for an AT-6

  • Optional spinner cover provided

  • Later releases of this kit sometime include parts to build T-6D through T-6G

1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard

Build Inspiration:

I built my 1/48th Monogram T-6 as a Harvard that was based at Camp Borden, Ontario. It was part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) which was a massive undertaking to train new pilots in Canada for WWII service. Luckily, I managed to find a Harvard variant that didn't have the elongated exhaust down the right-side, which made things easier as the Monogram kit does not include this type of exhaust.

1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard

Heads-Up Report:

  • A bit of cleanup is necessary on some parts (minor flash and ejector pin marks)

  • Raised panel lines (but finely done)

  • The propeller fit is a bit loose

  • Detail could be added to the wheel wells

1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard

Kit Additions / Modifications:

  • An Out of the Box build with the exception of custom decals from the spares box

1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard


The paint finish on this kit is at least straight-forward, with an overall finish of Trainer Yellow enamel paint. I custom mixed the tone of yellow and am not sure I got it spot on. The pilot anti-glare panel and wing walk sections were painted on using a near-black flat enamel. Inner flaps and gear wells were painted a Zinc-Chromate tone. After drying for a day or two a gloss coat was sprayed on using Future floor product and decals and some panel line washes were applied to the control surface areas to give them a bit more depth. The final top coat of Model Master semi-matte sealed the decals in and gave the final finish. A full matte coat was applied to the wing walk and anti-glare panels. All the fiddly bits were then added on and the aircraft was ready for the display shelf.

1/48th Monogram T-6 Harvard

The After-Build Report:

I would recommend this old 1/48th Monogram (Revell) kit as a nice bargain model to build, if you want to do a T-6 / SJN variant. If you are looking to build a Harvard, I would option for the Occidental kit (Modelcraft version if you can find it), as better represents this variant with the inclusion of the longer exhaust pipe and various antennas. (Note: It is another older mold kit which will need some attention and preparation of parts to build)

Completed build #135 - May 2011 using the 1/48th scale Monogram #5306 kit.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - Keep on building what you want, how you want and don't stress yourself out if it is not perfect (you'll get it down next time around) - Cheers

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