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Spotted Friedrich: 1/48th Hasegawa Bf 109F-2

The Hasegawa BF109F kit was originally released in 1991. It is a respected kit, however it has been surpassed by some newer kit releases. Having said that, it is still an excellent model aircraft for its age and builds up well.

Notable Kit Features:

  • Good cockpit with raised details

  • Separate inboard and outboard flaps

  • Well fitting parts

  • Thin, clear canopy glass

Build Inspiration:

There is such a variety of paint finishes for the Bf109 series, it is difficult to select just one. Since this kit is typically a straight-forward build and relatively inexpensive, model makers often have more than one of this type. In my builds of Luftwaffe Aces aircraft this one stood out not only for its unusual finish but for its top ace pilot Johannes "Hans" Fritz Philipp. This is his Bf 109F-2 when he was assigned to 6./JG 54 based in Russia July 1941.

Heads-Up Report:

  • Some minor shape issues exist

  • Good cockpit details missing only seat belts

  • Rudder and elevator controls are molded in neutral position

  • Wheel wells for this type were both squared and rounded type so check your references as the kit has rounded

Kit Additions / Modifications:

  • This kit was built out of the box with the exception of the decals which were from the excellent AeroMaster Decals (SP 48-01) "Luftwaffe Top Guns".

End Result:

The scheme for this aircraft consisted of RLM 74 and RLM 75 on the upper spine and wings over a base of RLM 76 sides and underneath. RLM 02 blotches and RLM 71 streaks were applied to the fuselage sides. The fuselage side pattern was achieved by first painting the kit RLM 02. After that thoroughly dried, I used Blutac (Sticky tac) as a paint mask to form the small blotches on the sides. Next came a coat of RLM 76. After that coat dried I used more Blutac to expand the blotches leaving just a bit of space between them. The final side colour of RLM 71 was then sprayed to achieve the final side pattern. The aircraft was then masked to paint the upper RLM 74/75.

The After-Build Report:

This kit has continued to be a staple for 1/48th Bf 109 model builders. Parts fit is very good for its age and the price is still reasonable. I will definitely recommend this kit to any model makers. There are also great 109Fs produced by a number of other model producers. Zvezda’s (with an open engine option) and Eduard's 1/48 scale Bf 109Fs are considered to be about the best you can get. Depending on budget and availability, you should be able to find a good Friedrich to suit you.

Completed build #66 - April 2004 using the 1/48th scale Hasegawa #J10-1600 kit.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - Keep on building, gain experience, challenge yourself if you like, but try not to stress yourself out over the build - it is suppose to be an enjoyable hobby after all - Cheers

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2022년 2월 14일

Another cracking build FPR. @Shadowc40481222

2022년 2월 16일
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Thank you, I appreciate the comment. That paint job took a bit of thinking to figure out which was the best way to tackle it, but I managed. I am still pretty happy with the results, so I keep it in a higher-profile shelf location. I must like a challenge every once in a while because I have selected a few tough paint jobs since then... hopefully with more interesting ones to come - Cheers,


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