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WWII Too Late Jets: 1/48th Tamiya Ta 183A Huckebein

Updated: Jun 29

Originally designed and released by AM Tech in 2001, these molds were then acquired by Tamiya (from the financially fragile AM Tech which would ultimately fail as a venture, for various reasons). Tamiya added their Kettenkraftrad sprue to the kit for their 2002 release (released again in 2018 with some additional photoetch). The Kettenkraftrad was a good pair with the kit, as during the final months of the war, jet fuel was so scarce the RLM dictated all aircraft movement on the ground should be done with a tow vehicle.

Notable Kit Features:

  • Simple build with comparatively few parts

  • Excellent fit (minor filler spots)

  • Good surface detail

  • Great bonus Kettenkraftrad kit

Build Inspiration:

For this Luft '46 example I just wanted a simple build to try out the late Luftwaffe RLM colours on (The colour accuracy discussion for RLM 81 / 82 / 83 is a whole other topic and I am not going there - suffice to say, look into this at your own risk as you could spend loads of time debating what the actual colours are... but sooner or later you have to just paint the kit.) This aircraft was a transition to the jet aircraft era late in WWII and here is a jet that had obvious influence over some up-coming designs.

Heads-Up Report:

  • Not much to say here as it is a pretty trouble free OoB build

  • Painting instructions are not accurate for the weapons

Kit Additions / Modifications:

I built mine out of the box as it suited me just fine however, if you are interested in adding aftermarket for this model you have some choices. The kit engine panels are a bit off-scale and lacking in detail for the Jumo engine. The Aires replacement is much better and drops into place. The kit seat is too small in scale and lacks some detail as well, for which the Quick Boost He-162 replacement seat can serve as a nice replacement. Squadron made a nice vacu-form replacement canopy if you want to have an easier open canopy option... then you can go ahead and try and drop the flaps and control surfaces and add even more detail.)

End Result:

I painted this kit using the Vallejo Model Air paints consisting of RLM 82 / 83 over 76. There was a lot of information on-line regarding the actual colour mix of these late war paints. I had paint chips from a research book "The Modeller's Luftwaffe Paining Guide" (Smith, Pentland & Lutz) which had been my guide for years, however it appears that these RLM colours (like many of the Japanese and VVS ones) are still under some debate, but as a model builder you have to make a decision to get the subject done so I went with what I thought best.

The After-Build Report: I would easily recommend this Ta 183A kit. The model is well engineered with excellent fit which makes for an easy build for modelers of any skill level. If you want to go all out and update the engine works, drop the flaps and control surfaces, detail the pit and open the canopy, this kit provides a good starting point to spend some time on and really come away with a stunner model.

Completed build #242 - December 2020 using the 1/48th Tamiya Ta183A #89586 kit.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - Keep on building, gain experience, challenge your skills if you like, but try not to stress yourself out over the build - it is suppose to be an enjoyable hobby after all - Cheers

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