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Super Tweet: 1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly

First released in 1993 this 1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly kit still retains the signature raised surface detail that appears on most of the Monogram kits. The raised panel lines shouldn't cause you to dismiss Monogram kits, as many of them are quite respectable (especially for their time).

1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly

Notable Kit Features:

  • Decent cockpit with raised details

  • Two-piece positionable canopy

  • Two seated pilot figures included

  • Positionable FOD screens for the intakes

  • Separate ventral speed brakes

  • Optional air refueling probe (for the B version)

  • 4 x external tanks

  • 3 x napalm canisters

  • 2 x minigun pods (nice ones)

  • 2 x Mk.82 bombs

1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly

Build Inspiration:

I always liked the look of this "sportscar" aircraft. Compact, slightly sinister looking and typically loaded out with more kit than you'd think it could carry. Initially a trainer aircraft that was marketed later as an affordable COIN (Counter Insurgency) jet. (The Military-Industrial Complex has got to peddle their merchandise to every possible market otherwise their would be mayhem! ;)

A-37B Dragonfly

Heads-Up Report:

  • Ejection seats could use some seat belts and other minor additions (ejection handles and seat cabling)

  • Nose weight required

  • Some filler and sanding necessary

  • FOD screens are clunky and should be redone with mesh inserts

1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly

Kit Additions / Modifications:

  • Used wire for the dorsal and tail antennas

1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly


This kit was finished in the standard USAF TAC Jungle scheme of the Vietnam war era, consisting of FS 30219 Tan / 34102 Med. Green / 34079 Dk. Green over FS 36622 Lt Gray). The camouflage was weathered by spraying variations of paint tone (darker along the panel lines and 'patched areas'). A gloss coat was then sprayed using Klear / Pledge floor finish to prepare for decals and washes which were used to highlight the controls. The final matt coat was sprayed, using Model Master, to complete the finish. To me the raised panel lines are not a detractor on this kit and I mostly left them in place (with a light sanding in spots).

1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly

The After-Build Report:

This 1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly kit still builds up into a decent looking replica and doesn't require much shelf space at that. (Hasegawa and Revell have released boxings of this kit plastic as well.) Encore Models did a release of the kit plastic in 2011 complete with lots of resin and photo-etch parts added to bring this kit to another level. More recently, Trumpeter released their 1/48th nicely detailed A and B versions with recessed panel lines (I am looking forward to building up one of these as well).

1/48th Monogram A-37B Dragonfly

Completed build #206 - September 2017 using the 1/48th scale Monogram #85-5486 kit.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - Keep on building, gain experience, challenge yourself if you like, but try not to stress yourself out over the build - it is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby after all - Cheers

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