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The Completed Build List

Updated: Jun 10

Below is my list of the 1/48th scale kits that I have built over the past four+ decades. I have been assembling and painting model aircraft since I was a teenager. Obviously over time my skills have improved and my goals have changed.

Initially I built for fun, often making kits with fictitious markings and taking liberties with the paint schemes. That all changed after I brought an example of my recently completed Hawker Typhoon IB into my father's retail store. As it happened, a gentleman (I believe his name was Harry Lucas) came into the store that day and upon seeing the kit, commenting that he did not recognize the aircraft's squadron codes. I explained that I had just made them up, to which he politely added that the camouflage pattern was not accurate either. Suitably impressed, I asked him how he knew all this at a mere glance... "I flew them during WWII" he replied. Gobsmacked with the realization that this hobby wasn't necessarily just about some neat looking aircraft but encompassed history and persons intricately involved with these machines, I set a new course. My model builds would now focus more on being replicas of historic aircraft and in many cases would serve as a small tribute to those tied to its history.

I produced mostly museum examples (with little if any weathering) for display after this shift and much later got involved in suitably weathering my aircraft builds. Amazingly most of the model aircraft that I have built over time, still exist in my collection today. Some serve as a reminder of skills and patience progress and every one is a less-than-perfect example of a learning process. Most are displayed in multiple units of clear-front display shelves (to keep the dust out). Fortunately the kids have all grown up and moved out now, so my growing collection has now been allowed to take over the basement area :)

My goal here is to eventually get photos of most of these aircraft builds and get them posted on this site (keeping in mind that this is going to take quite a while) The ultimate goal is to have a brief article about each kit build, however we shall see if I can reach back into my distant memory to give you something interesting about each kit.

Let me know if there is a kit build you want me to cover, sooner rather than later, and I will see if I can accommodate you here.

Click on a listed aircraft link to take you to that aircraft's page (if it has been posted to date).

What's that old saying... "If you build it they will come". I don't know who "they" are but let's start the build and see who shows up :) If you are already a model builder or a fledging one, let's hope something here keeps you inspired - I've found it's a great community - Cheers!

Aircraft Type Completed Mfg.Code

Hurricane IIC Mar-79 Monogram

A-7A Corsair II Dec-83 Monogram 5418

Ju 87G Dec-83 Monogram 6840

F-100D Super Sabre Jan-85 Monogram 5416

F-104 Starfighter May-85 Monogram 5409

F-105D Thunderchief May-85 Monogram 5808

F-84F Thunderstreak May-85 Heller 554

RF-84F Thunderflash May-85 Heller 556

F-105F Thunderchief Aug-86 Monogram 5806

F-105G Thunderchief Aug-86 Monogram 5806

F-4D Phantom II Aug-86 Monogram 5800

F-4C Phantom II Sep-86 Monogram 5800

F-4J Phantom II Sep-86 Monogram 5805

F6F-5 Hellcat Nov-86 Monogram 6832

SB2C-5 Helldiver Nov-86 Monogram 6831

A6M5 Zero Jan-87 Monogram 6799

Ki-61 Hein Jan-87 Otaki OT2-6-500

F-14A Tomcat Mar-87 Monogram 5803

A-4E Skyhawk Apr-87 Monogram 5411

P-39 Airacobra Apr-87 Monogram 6844

P-51B Mustang Apr-87 Monogram 6806

UH-1C Huey Hog Apr-87 Monogram 5201

UH-1C Huey Hog Apr-87 Monogram 5201

F-104 Starfighter Jul-87 Monogram 5409

F-105D Thunderchief Aug-87 Monogram 5806

F-20 Tigershark Dec-87 Monogram 5445

A-10A Warthog Mar-88 Revell 4503

A-4E Skyhawk Mar-88 Monogram 5406

F-5E Tiger II Mar-88 Monogram 5407

F-5E Tiger II Mar-88 Monogram 5407

F-5E Tiger II Mar-88 Monogram 5407

A-4E Skyhawk Apr-88 Monogram 5406

F-16A Falcon Apr-88 Monogram 5401

F-16A Falcon Apr-88 Hasegawa V001 1000

F-4G Phantom II Aug-88 Testors 811

F-4E Phantom II Nov-88 Testors 811

P-40C Tiger Shark Apr-90 Monogram 6803

P-47D Thunderbolt Apr-90 Monogram 5302

AH-64A Apache Dec-91 Monogram 5443

Bf 110C Dec-92 Fujimi 5A26

F-106A Delta Dart Dec-92 Monogram 5809

F-4C/D Phantom II Dec-92 Monogram 5800

F-80C Shooting Star Dec-92 Monogram5428

Ju 87D Stuka Dec-92 Monogram 6840

CF-101B Dec-92 Monogram 5811

F-100D Super Sabre Sep-95 Monogram 5416

F-111A Aardvark Sep-95 Monogram 5804

F/A-18A Hornet Mar-97 Monogram 5802

F-86F Sabre Jun-98 Monogram 5427

F4U-1A Corsair Dec-98 Otaki OT2-27-500

Fw 190A Dec-98 Monogram 6804

Fw 190A Dec-98 Monogram 6804

Fw 190A-8 Dec-98 ARII A335-600

SBD-5 Dauntless Dec-98 Monogram 6830

TBD-1 Devastator Dec-98 Monogram 7575

F-15A Eagle Dec-99 Tamiya MA124

F-100D Super Sabre Jun-03 Monogram 5416

P-47D Thunderbolt Jun-03 Monogram 6838

P-61A/B Black Widow Jun-03 Monogram 7546

Spitfire Mk II Sep-03 Revell H-32

Spitfire Mk V Sep-03 Airfix 4100

Spitfire Mk XIV Sep-03 Hobbycraft

Typhoon 1B Sep-03 Monogram 5303

Mosquito Oct-03 Monogram 5408

P-51D Mustang Dec-03 Monogram 5207

Bf 109F-2 Apr-04 Hasegawa J10-1600

Bf 109F-4 Apr-04 Airfix 04101

Bf 109G-6 Apr-04 Otaki OT2 25

Bf 109G-6 Apr-04 Hobbycraft 1541

A-6A Intruder May-04 Fujimi FA10

F-4J Phantom II May-04 Monogram 5805

F-8E Crusader May-04 ERTL 8202

F-117A Nighthawk Dec-04 Monogram 5834

SR-71A Blackbird Dec-04 Italeri 815

U-2C Dec-04 Testors 209

A-1H Skyraider Mar-05 Monogram 5419

A-7A Corsair II Mar-05 Monogram 5418

Sea Fury F.B. Mk.II Apr-05 Hobbycraft 1531

Seafire XV Apr-05 Hobbycraft 1584

F/A-18A Hornet May-05 Monogram 5807

F-15E Strike Eagle May-05 Revell 85-5511

MiG-21 Aug-05 Revell 4765

F-80C Shooting Star Aug-05 Monogram 5428

P-51D Mustang Aug-05 Fujimi 5A24-700

F-86D Dog Sabre Aug-05 Monogram 85-5960

MiG-21 PF "Fishbed" Sep-05 Academy 2166

Cessna 172P Skyhawk Dec-05 Minicraft 48004

MiG-3 Feb-06 ICM 48052

Yak-1 Feb-06 Accurate Miniatures 3424

Yak-7DI/Yak-9 Feb-06 ICM 48041

MiG-17F May-06 Hobbycraft 1593

F-86 Sabre May-06 Monogram 5417

A-10A Warthog Jun-06 Revell / Monogram 85-5505

AD-4W Skyraider Dec-06 ESCI 8212

F7F-3N Tigercat Dec-06 AMT 8842

Hawk 100 Dec-06 Airfix 5112

Ju 88C Dec-06 Hobbycraft 1605

F-16CJ Falcon Dec-08 Hasegawa PT32-07232

RF-4C/E Dec-08 Testors 810

F-4G Phantom II Dec-08 Hasegawa

AV-8B Harrier II Dec-08 Hasegawa 9538:2800

EA-6B Prowler Dec-08 Airfix78-4553-250

Tornado IDS Dec-08 Italeri 834

F-5F Tiger II Apr-09 Monogram 5441

Hurricane IIC Apr-09 Hobbycraft 1582

MiG-27 Apr-09 Hobbycraft 1599

P-40E Warhawk Apr-09 ARII A332-600

F-89D/J Scorpion Aug-09 Monogram

Ki-44 "Tojo" Aug-09 Otaki 12

P-51D Mustang Aug-09 Tamiya 61040

MiG-15 bis Aug-09 Tamiya 02806

F-84G Thunderjet Aug-09 Tamiya 61060*2400

P-38J Lightning Aug-09 Academy 2126

F-86F Sabre Aug-09 Academy 2183

F4U-1D Corsair Dec-09 Tamiya 61061*2000

F4U-5N Corsair Dec-09 Hasegawa JT75-2200

F6F-5 Hellcat Mk. II Dec-09 Eduard 8223

F9F-2/3 Panther Dec-09 Hobbycraft / Trumpeter 2832

F9F-2P Panther Dec-09 Hobbycraft 1457

Hurricane Mk. (IIC) to IB Jun-10 Hobbycraft 1534

Yak-3 Jun-10 Eduard 8456

Yak-7B Jun-10 ICM 48035

Yak-9T Jun-10 ICM 48012

MiG-29A Jul-10 Academy 2116

SU-27 Zhurovlik (Flanker B) Jul-10 Academy 111 2131

T-33A Shooting Star Jul-10 Academy 2185

A-20G Havoc Nov-10 AMT 8894

B-25H Mitchell Nov-10 Monogram 5500

B-26B/C Marauder Nov-10 Monogram 5501

Hurricane I Dec-10 Airfix 9 04102

Bf 109E-4/7 May-11 Hasegawa 09110

Defiant Mk.1 May-11 Classic Airframes 95-404 3995

F2A-1 Brewster Buffalo May-11 Tamiya 61031

Harvard Mk.4 May-11 Monogram 5306

Me 163B Komet May-11 Testors 625

La-5 Oct-11 Hobbycraft 1589

La-7 Oct-11 Hobbycraft 1590

Yak-1B Oct-11 Accurate Miniatures 3425

Yak-9K Oct-11 ICM 48011

S-3A Viking Dec-11 ERTL 8216

CF-105 Dec-11 Hobbycraft

F-14A Tomcat Dec-11 Academy 1659

B-24J Liberator Dec-11 Monogram 5601

Hanroit HD.1 Dec-11 Eduard 8402

I-16 5/6 Mar-12 Hobbycraft 1535

J2M3 Raiden ("Jack") Mar-12 Tamiya MA118

Ki-43 Oscar Mar-12 Otaki OT2-5-500

Ki-44 "Tojo" Mar-12 Otaki A328-600

B5N2 Kate Apr-12 Nichimo

Ki-84 Hayate (Type 4 Frank) Apr-12 Otaki OT2-10-600

N1K2-J Shidenkai Apr-12 Hasegawa 9484:2400

CF-104G Starfighter Dec-12 Hasegawa 09539

CH-113 Labrador Dec-12 Academy 12205

Fairey Battle Dec-12 Classic Airframes 428

AH-1S Cobra Dec-12 Monogram 5444

Mi-24 Hind Dec-12 Monogram 5819

SU-25 Frogfoot (T-8-15) Dec-12 Monogram 5830

AV-8A Harrier Mar-13 Monogram 5420

CF-100 Mar-13 Hobbycraft

Canberra B(1)8 Apr-13 Airfix A10102

D.520 Aug-13 Tamiya 61048-1800

Mirage 2000C Aug-13 Heller 80426

P-36 (Hawk 75) Aug-13 Hobbycraft 1546

P-36 (Hawk 75) Aug-13 Hobbycraft 1415

F-4B Phantom II Oct-13 Hasegawa P05 180

B-17G Fortress Nov-13 Monogram 5600

A-7E Corsair II Dec-13 Hasegawa P12

Lightning F-2A/F-6 Dec-13 Airfix 09178

O-1E (L-19) Bird Dog Dec-13 USN 0001

O-2 Skymaster Dec-13 Italeri 814

Fw189-A Jul-14 MPM 48030

Ju 52/3m Jul-14 Revell / Monogram 85-5612

Hs129-B Oct-14 Revell 04523

F4F-4 Wildcat Oct-14 Tamiya 61034-1800

PV-1 Ventura Oct-14 Revell 85-5531

SBD-3 Dauntless Oct-14 Hasegawa 9119

F4U-1A Corsair Dec-14 Otaki 336-600

F6F-5 Hellcat Dec-14 Hasegawa JT189

P-38F/G/H Lightning Dec-14 Monogram 85-5974

P-40N Warhawk Dec-14 AMT

P-51B Mustang Dec-14 Tamiya 61042-1800

P-51B/C Mustang Dec-14 Revell 85-5256

Beaufighter Mk.IIF Oct-15 Tamiya 61964-2800

Lancaster Oct-15 Tamiya

Wellington Mk. III Oct-15 Trumpeter

CH-136 Kiowa Dec-15 ESCI 4064

MH-60G Pave Hawk Dec-15 Academy 2139

P-39 Airacobra (P-400) Dec-15 Eduard 8061

Spitfire Mk. Vb Dec-15 Tamiya 61035-1800

Spitfire Mk.Vb Dec-15 Tamiya 61035-1800

Spitfire VIII Dec-15 ICM 48066

A6M2 Zeke May-16 Tamiya MA116

A6M2b Zero Type 21 May-16 Hasegawa 09481

A6M2-N ("Rufe") May-16 Tamiya MA117

A6M3 Zero May-16 Tamiya MA 125

F/A-18F Super Hornet Oct-16 Revell 85-5520

OA-4M Skyhawk Oct-16 Monogram 5443

PBY-5A Canso Dec-16 Revell 04507

F4D-1 Skyray Dec-16 Tamiya 61055

F-4J Phantom II Dec-16 ESCI 4043

F-8J Crusader Dec-16 Hasegawa 07226

OV-1A Mohawk May-17 Roden 406

Re.2001 Falco II May-17 Classic Airframes 420

Re.2002 Ariete May-17 Italeri 2670

A-1H (AD-6) Skyraider Sep-17 Monogram 5429

A-37 Dragonfly Sep-17 Monogram 85-5486

AC-47 Vietnam Gunship Sep-17 Monogram 85-5615

B-57G Canberra Oct-17 Airfix A10104

IL-2m3 Stormovik Oct-17 Accurate Miniatures 3407

Mustang Mk.IA Dec-17 Accurate Miniatures 3410

Spitfire Mk.IXc Dec-17 Hasegawa 09555

Tempest Dec-17 Eduard 8022

Typhoon 1B Dec-17 Hasegawa JT60 2400

A/B-26C Invader May-18 Monogram 5508

F3D-2 Skyknight May-18 Squadron 48004

F-82G Twin Mustang May-18 Minicraft 48022

G4M1 Isshikirikko (Betty) Jun-18 Tamiya 61049-4800

Ki-46 III Hyakushiki Shitei Jun-18 Tamiya 61045

Bf 109C Nov-18 Hobbycraft 1567

Bf 109E Nov-18 Hasegawa J004-1600

He 111H-5/6 Nov-18 Monogram 5509

AC-130 Dec-18 Italeri 818

F-100F Super Sabre Dec-18 Trumpeter 02840

Beaufighter Mk.VI Sep-19 Tamiya 61053*2800

Bf 110G-2 Sep-19 Revell 85-4164

Me 410B-1 Sep-19 Monogram 5936

SH-3H (HSS-2B) SeaKing Sep-19 Hasegawa PT2:4200

E-2C 2000 Dec-19 Kinetic K48016

F-4J Phantom II Dec-19 Monogram 5805

F-4J Phantom II Dec-19 ESCI 8459

FJ-4B Fury Dec-19 Grand Phoenix P KT003

C.202 Folgore Apr-20 Hasegawa JT32:2200

Bf 108B Taifun Apr-20 Eduard 8052

C.205 Veltro (Macchi) Apr-20 Hasegawa JT33-2200

S.M.79-II Sparviero Apr-20 Trumpeter 02817

CF-18A Hornet Oct-20 Hasegawa SP98-5800

CF-18B Hornet Oct-20 Kinetic 48030

F-5A Freedom Fighter Oct-20 Kinetic 48020

Rafale B Oct-20 Revell 04610

Do 335A-0 Arrow Dec-20 Monogram 7538

He162A-2 Salamander Dec-20 Cyber-Hobby /Dragon 5564

Ta 183A Huckebein Dec-20 Tamiya 89586

Fw 190D-13 Jan-21 Eduard 84106

Me 262A-1a Jan-21 Trimaster MAB-112

Phantom FGR.2 Dec-21 Revell 04962

T-38A Talon Dec-21 Wolfpack 10001

CH-118 (UH-1D) Iroquois Dec-21 Italeri 849

CT-114 Tutor Dec-21 Hobbycraft 1426

T-2C Buckeye Dec-21 Two Bobs K48-002

CH-126 Choctaw (H-34) Dec-21 Gallery Models 64103

A-4E Skyhawk Jun-22 Monogram 5411

F16B Plus Falcon Jun-22 Hasegawa V5:1500

F-21A Lion (Kfir) Jun-22 Kinetic 48053

F-14A Tomcat         Dec-22 Academy 1659

F-4S Phantom II         Dec-22 Hasegawa 07077

F-102 Dagger         Dec-22 Monogram 85-5518

Note: I only build 1/48th scale aircraft (so my collection is all in comparative size), therefore all aircraft kits listed above are in this scale.

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